Protection of personal data

1    Personal data are processed according to the Law: act no.: 18/2018 Coll. on protection of personal data as amended and in accord with the Order of European Parliament and EU Council 2016/679 (thereinafter „GDPR“). For the purpose of General commercial conditions of the provider, according to these conditions, an aggrieved person is the person whose personal data are proceed.

2    The provider declares that the personal data of the registered person are used for the purpose of closing, fulfilling or changing the contract signed up remote between the buyer and provider, and will not provide these personal data to the third person besides the state organs in case of control.

3    The provider declares that in relation to processing personal data of aggrieved persons, the decision based exclusively on automatized recourses of personal data processing will not be applied, nor the profiling in terms of the article 22 paragraph 1 a 4 GDPR.

4    The provider is obligate to secure the personal data from access by unauthorized persons. The duty of the provider is to announce every important violation or leakage of personal data to the Office of personal data protection of Slovak republic, latest in 72 hours of discovering this safety incident.

5.   In case of suspicion of illegal personal data processing by the provider, the aggrieved person has right to file a proposal to initiating procedures about personal data protection to the Office of personal data protection of Slovak republic. (

6    If by the registration the website visitor agreed with personal data processing for marketing purpose (marking a special check box, he voluntarily agreed with sending the e-mails to the contact e-mail address, with contacting by phone or sending mail to contact address

7    The aggrieved person can take back agreement of personal data processing any time by sending the Cancellation of personal data processing by mail or e-mail.

8    The aggrieved person can use his/her right and ask the provider for free information about his/her personal data proceed by the e-shop provider, and for correction, deleting or transfer of personal data.

9    Personal data proceed by the provider are:
– name and surname,
– address,
– phone number,
– e-mail.

10  Detailed rights of the aggrieved person, as a purpose and way of personal data processing, are possible to be seen in specific instruction on the website of the provider.

11  Portal of the provider uses cookies data only for statistic purpose. Cookies data in anonymous form can not be used for explicit identification of aggrieved person. Cookies data serve to simplify the searching, offers settings or other uses. In case the user does not want to use these data, he can reject cookies using, to block them or to delete existing data in his computer. The user can do it by settings in his web browser. The other option is the website